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Sunday, August 17, 2014

You Must Look Up

 New Yorkers like to say they can spot a tourist anywhere.
The tourists are the people standing outside the subway 
with their mouths gapping open while looking up to the sky.

It is referred to as the concrete jungle for good reason.

New York City ranks as the second city in the world with the tallest buildings.
Second to Hong Kong, there are 235 buildings in this city that are over 40 stories high.

The city is breathtaking from afar and it can be stifling 
when you are making your way through the jungle.

This poem is scrolled in the iron work outside of the World Financial Center.

City of the world.
(For all races are here)
All the lands of the earth make contributions here.
City of the sea of wharves and stores - city of the tall facades of marble and iron!
Proud and passionate city - mettlesome.

 - Walt Whitman

Let's not concern ourselves with what the New Yorkers will think of us.
Let's look up.
Let's look up all the time because if we don't, we will trip and fall, maybe even worse, step in gum.

Here are some beautiful things I've seen all while looking up.

Looking up at Trinity church.

The tallest residential tower in the americas - 8 Spruce Street.

A beautiful church on the East Side.

A soccer field surrounded by marble and iron.

Mixing the old with the new in lower Manhattan.

The iconic Flatiron building.

The Chrysler Building overlooking Grand Central Station.

The Angel Moroni overlooking Lincoln Center.

I love this building. Don't know the name, but I love it.

The Freedom Tower purposely goes on forever.

Looking from Chelsea Piers towards the IAC Headquarters building.

I don't know the name of this building, but I love it.

My sweet Jenna looking over the city.

Buildings in the sky.

I have realized that while the buildings have the potential to block our view, 
if we choose to see the beauty in the architecture, 
the meaning behind the curves and straight lines. or the reflections in the glass 
our view is expanded and we gain enlightenment.

President Thomas S. Monson said:
Remember, it is better to look up!

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